Analytic Solver® offers point-and-click, enterprise-strength optimization, simulation/risk analysis, and prescriptive analytics, and data mining, text mining, forecasting, and predictive analytics in your browser.
You can try it for free. It's supported by Solver developer Frontline Systems.

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Full-Power Optimization

It’s all point-and-click: Fast, large-scale linear, quadratic and mixed-integer programming, conic, nonlinear, non-smooth and global optimization. Easily incorporate uncertainty and solve with simulation optimization, stochastic programming, and robust optimization.

Use all the power of Excel formulas to define an optimization model -- it's upward compatible from the Excel Solver. Or use our high-level RASON® modeling language to define your model, in a form that's ready for deployment in server, web and mobile apps.

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Full-Power Simulation

Use a point-and-click Distribution Wizard, 50 probability distributions, automatic distribution fitting, compound distributions, rank-order and copula correlation; 50 statistics, risk measures and Six Sigma functions; easy multiple parameterized simulations, and a wide array of charts and graphs.

Define your Monte Carlo simulation model using Excel formulas -- or define your model in our high-level RASON® modeling language, for rapid server, web or mobile deployment.

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Full-Power Data Mining

It’s all point-and-click: Text mining, latent semantic analysis, feature selection, principal components and clustering; exponential smoothing and ARIMA for forecasting; multiple regression, k-nearest neighbors, and ensembles of trees and neural networks to predict prices, votes or other numbers.

Use logistic regression, discriminant analysis, k-nearest neighbors, naïve Bayes, and ensembles of trees and neural networks to classify buyers or fraudsters, and association rules for affinity analysis.

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